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Key explanations of Express Entry application rejection

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The existing express entry protocols do not confirm that an application will be re-submitted after the original application is denied. It is therefore necessary, in order to meet all IRCC criteria, that applicants review and repeat their permanent residency applications. Working along with immigration consultants in Delhi is also a good way to avoid making mistakes.

Police certificates

Before recently, the IRCC mandated that all countries in which they have been staying in consecutively for more than 6 months since they turned 18 must have police certificates. Nonetheless, this criterion has modified by the IRCC. Police credentials from all over the city where applicants have stayed for more than six months are also expected to be given to the applicants. This is the cause for many rejections, and many applicants are not conscious of this move.

The sixty-day window

Police credentials may provide the second specific explanation for denial of applications. Express Admission candidates are required to receive their police credentials at a 60-day period. If such an occurrence happens, the IRCC demands that applicants give evidence that, if a claimant can not provide such evidence their application is denied for incompleteness, they originally applied for a police Certification from that country.

Applicants not monitoring their MyCIC accounts

Particularly in order to avoid missing any major deadlines, express entry users should actively track their MyCIC accounts. Quite frequently the IRCC requests that new forms and documentation be sent by applicants within seven days of the order.

Not checking uploaded documents

Of various purposes, often applicants of Express Entry will not see which documents they have submitted or how many documents they have submitted. To candidates, it is more necessary to ensure the right PDFs are prepared.


Finally, even though any document included in the Express entry checklist is presented with a range of exceptions, the claimant must be 100% confident that they are qualified for this exemption. The Express Entry Report notes that if applicants are not confident about the criteria and procedures, they can obtain additional IRCC material.

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