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What benefits does Canada offer to its aspiring citizens?

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You have the ability to a lot of the same freedoms and benefits as a normal Canadian person, because you become a permanent resident in Canada. Work along with immigration consultant in Delhi to know more about the same. Some of the major ones include -

  • Equal treatment and protection.
  • You have the right of justice, such as the presumption of innocence, of show your guilt.
  • The right to get an interpreter in the courts, or if necessary a lawyer.
  • The right to move from one jurisdiction to another and to join and depart Canada at your choice.
  • The freedom to work or study anywhere in Canada.

While there are a variety of other regulations that can extend to transient Foreign immigrants, several support programs are structured exclusively to help Foreign nationals and permanent residents. Such attributes are not restricted to:

Old age security

The scheme was structured for the delivery of financial assistance for retiring workers who are already 65 in Canada. This is an wage contribution and benefit fund assured. Before taking this plan into consideration you will meet clear residence criteria and apply to the Canadian tax system. Nevertheless, only limited plan benefits are accessible to permanent residents.

Universal Healthcare

In Canada health insurance is free, however; trips to the emergency room, dental tests and immunizations cover prescription expenses.

Free education

Free schooling is offered through the Canadian public school system for all children under the age of 18.

Maternity and parental leave

Families working in Canada get days off anytime a new infant is born or adopted. Women with new born will take up to 12 months ' maternity leave with 50–65% of their daily salary. A conditional compensated maternity leaves of not fewer than 35 weeks is often given and a total of 600 hours will have been employed.

More than such advantages, a permanent resident requires you, after staying and serving in the country for three years, to qualify for Canadian citizenship.

Want to immigrate to the maple leaf country? Find your eligibility using a CRS points calculator.

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