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Top 5 Fields in Gaming Industry-Jobs in Canada


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Canada has one of the largest gamingcommunities in the World. Standing in the third position with top companieslike Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Bioware, Canada’s gaming industry produces a number of jobs in different positions.   

So, if you love gaming or create games, thispiece is perfect for you! 



If you have everplayed any game, you would relate when I say that some games have awesomestorylines and dialogues. Who writes them? The Game Writers!  Game Writers arepaid handsomely to deliver exciting storylines and dialogues for video games. The salary might range up to $55,600.   Get in touch with ICCRC authorized Canada immigration consultants in India at TCWW today!


Game designers earn an average of $91,000for conceptualizing the game plots and story, levels, characters, andenvironment. They are also responsible for setting up the rules of the game. So, the next time you find the rules of a game unfair, you know whom to blame. Experience matters a lot in this field. So, if you have a year or two of experience, you are ready to go!    

3) PROGRAMMER- They code the designs. They are responsible for the movement of thedesign, the working of the levels, and everything that’s working in the game.The designers just draw but don’t put life into it. The programmers do! You can also earn an annual average salary of $82,500. 

4) GAME TESTERS- What after the game is developed? It can’t be directly delivered to thepublic. Hence, the testers test the codes for bugs and the smoothness of thegame by debugging and playing. The annual average salary ranges up to $30,225.     

The gaming industry is at its peak inrecent times and the pandemic lockdown has surely given it the required boost.It can be clearly seen from the number of new games being released and hyped. However, some games remain new forever, as “old is gold!” 

Considering this field as your career isgoing to show you all the uphill and might take you to your dream country.     

So, packed your bags for Canada? Consultan authorized immigration consultant for a smooth process.