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Top paying job in Canada in 2021


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Not only aretrades occupations among the most in-demand, but they are also among thehighest-paying employment in Canada, with nearly every trades profession payingan annual compensation much higher than the national average. When you considerthat almost 54 percent of Canadians between the ages of 25 and 64 have a university or college diploma, this is quite astounding. 

We'll look at thetypical trades job salary, the average national salary, some cost of livingexamples, and the quality of life trades workers have in Canada after we lookat the best paying trades occupations in Canada. So stay a while! You are always advised to take help of Canada immigration consultants in India for better clarity.  

Highest paying trade jobs in Canada 

1. Carpenter 

2. Electrician  

3. Iron worker 

4. Plumber 

5. Welder 

6. Pipe/steam fitter 

7. Millwright  

8. Mechanic 

How to become a Permanent Resident? 

Because skilledtradespeople are in high demand in Canada, the Immigration Refugee Council ofCanada has made the process of obtaining a permanent residence as simple as possible for qualified candidates. The Express Entry System, specifically the Skilled Trades Program, is the first Canada visa or immigration programme we'll look at. 

1. Skilled trades program  

If your workqualifies as a skilled trade, you could be eligible for permanent residency inCanada in as little as six months, even if you don't have a job offer. 

2. Study a trade in Canada 

It will be simpleto get accredited by a Canadian authority if you already have a certification.If you want to start a career in the trades, though, you can't go wrong learning in Canada. You'll need some money to get started, but apprentices are paid while they learn, so you should be able to cover all of your costs. 

How much money does trades workersmake in Canada? 

In Canada, theaverage trades salary is $60, 236 CAD per year. This works out to $30.89 perhour, implying that a tradesman works an average of 1,950 hours per year, or 40hours per week with three weeks off. 

In Canada, theaverage annual wage is $52,600 CAD. This indicates that tradespeople earnroughly 15% more than the national average. However, as we all know, sometrades occupations pay more than others. We'll get to that later, but first, let's look at the cost of living in Canada and the quality of life you can expect. Canada immigration consultants in Delhi you are referring to mustbe ICCRC-RCIC certified.